Sunday, October 19, 2008


accepting sigh's forgiveness

in reasons unknown

beauty's passion untouched

inside still, love is invited

becomes undivided

embracing you

embracing me

when the heart listens

strength is timeless

with open arms


(c) Copyright 2008 r.a.m.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

United Part II

protected, nurtured
with compassion
defending the greater good
of those who rely on me
I am blessed by patience given
while trust is my gift

revolution overcoming these obstacles
It is my honor to protect
my perception of empowerment
by expectation commitment keeps on
conquering all fears
to be inspired by ambition

meet the anguish of resistance
in the relief of recognition
no need to go it alone
we are One
taking a great leap forward
to a blessing for peace

an edge on the horizon
waiting on the wings of hope
keep on striving to reach
the unconditional Love
beckoning you with Mother Nature
giving for greater greatness

for today and the days beyond
yesterday's dreams spent
for many tomorrow's to come
the crossroads of past to the now
compromised to belong as us
as you and i become we

(c) Copyright 2008 ram


trusted in the midst
supportive of the needy
attempting of fulfilled hopes
Rekindled breakthrough
to deeply respect prepared
for significant change
fully immerged to noble efforts
on the verge of entering life
lifting another's spirits with kind hearts
on through the heavens pass onto others
the kingdoms of nature
of reflection's self healing old wounds
an infusion of substance
waiting on the wings of hope
to humanity in need of inspiration
captured by imagination
eras of the past in your image
the future in your hands
of overlooked treasures kept
of only beauty's eye can relate
for peace of mind united

(c) Copyright 2008 ram

In The Hands of Grace

Words that heal the uplifting
adapting to versatility
By only Truth steers Reality
warmhearted to courage
Life see's itself saved
yet for another day
we hold ourselves together
to one another
for as long as the Sun rises
and midnight falls
seeing through with sense of Wonder
for a change, for life continued
with each silver lining for sake
all Childhood Future's at stake
We Are The Miracle*
In The Eyes of a Child
In The Crossroads of Our Time
ending with no rhyme
Dreams have a place to stay
with sympathy sorrow fades away
as we All join in Together
hand in hand to a tomorrow in place
in Joy's to Beauty is to a Child's Grace

(c) Copyright 2008 ram

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Presence of Grace

change enlightened
to an unstoppable force i greet
with kind hearth grow in mind
make my strength humble along the way
i lay it on the line
taking chance, yet again
positive i am
to receive against all lose
in attempts to fulfill all hope
unheard abilities take my advantage
to make do in keeping on
prepared before me, close by
i believe to prove my exhaustion
you have a day in my path
and your interest revives me
i am awake

(c) Copyright 2008 ram

The Journey ~ The Passage

declaring universal peace
all around you, shifted
attention paid in full
knowledge, words expressed
changed, not virtually motionless
dashing into reverse mode unspoken
re-evolving the irreversible
work through happenings, no reprieve
the turning tide perceived by passage
an inspiration reverted
leading far within miles hence
correcting mistakes learned
fall away from completion
its connection undertaken by us all
discouraged we are not to be scared
close to home is too far too long
this is the now
what is improved to be received

surrounding by values is such
as in honour to be trusted, respected
living through to tomorrow well deserved

(c) Copyright 2008 ram


Yet more is the evidence that love's on the rise
energies so pristine and pure
a stillness, a calmness so moving
to feel in silence one knows nothing truer
higher and higher the mountains we're climbing
and crossing the rivers so deep
moving right on to the new day dawning
with more and more waking from sleep
conscious expansion in crystalline waves
the masses they're feeling the change
we breathe in air that with calmness is filled
and feeling so joyous yet strange
a newness of life is now touching us all
such love ever so great, it's supreme
this change it is sweeping the old out the door
flung wide open we welcome the dream