Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wisdom Creation

Path of Inner Peace

By feeling satisfied with what I have,
I feel no envy.
By giving freely to thouse who will take,
I feel no anger.
By understanding the fears of others,
I feel no hate.
By accepting the diverseness of others,
I feel no judgment.
By recognizing the specialness of all,
I feel no self importance.
By sensing the wonders of Mother Earth,
I feel humble.
By knowing all that I can do,
I feel humility.
By these feelings,
I walk the Path of Peace.

~ Mississquoi Nation (Virginia)

Thy Divine

The fountains mingle with the River
And the Rivers with the Ocean
The winds of the Heavens mix forever
With a sweet emotion

Nothing in the world is single
All things by law divine
In one another's being mingle
Why not I with Thine

See the mountains kiss high Heaven
And waves clasp one another
No flower would be forgiven
If its disdained to set assunder

And Sunlight clasps the Earth
And the Moonbeams kiss the Sea
What are all these kissings worth
If Thou kiss not me

All Rights Reserved 2009 ram


Always will I bask in your Sun of Suns
As your rays of purity breaks through my clouds
Never will rain find its way into my world
As long as you are there to push away
The storms that try to cease my Soul
Speechless, am I not...
For your words become mine
What molds that heart into something pure
I am so much more inside your arms
Although, when it cannot be...
I also cannot seem to have enough of you
I take in every breath of you
As if I will never take a breath again
The sweetness of your taste
The softeness of your golden skin
Takes me to a realm of supreme ecstasy

All Rights Reserved 2008 ram

Take My Hand

Take my hand in your hand
take upon my only heart
Bind me close to you
under the Moonlit sky

Dance with me near
where your heart beats
Sweep the skies with beauty
from end to end

The clouds hidden stars thrill in secret
sparks ignite
Filling the hot Summer air
let me fill the fullness of your heart

I praise your returning glance
the infinite skies motionless
With the thought of a touch
I am filled with awe

Take my hand in your hand
be with you in you with me
To you within, from within
no struggle crossed the Sea of desire
As you sink deep into my Soul

All Rights Reserved 2009 ram

Monday, June 22, 2009

About to Become

It's been a long time but here is today
Through a state of mind, warm hearted effects grow
Just a little more than before

For the words are all around us
The coming of a new day,

shows what matters in life
Reopen the blessings

In disguise, the unstoppable force of goodwill
Showing peaceful understanding rewarded,

In contact with all efforts
The Universe is far more tranquil

Than what is seen by the eye,
Truth is what is
Within palm at hand
The importance of promising Tomorrows

Their dreams are beyond
The inspiration stays within

For being is to be
A greater experience keeps balance
One day to see what is understood

Still moving, its precious mentality's key
Guarded with sweetness of love
Another day about to be
Pulled away from expired's past

Silent Grace

The beauty's attraction not willing to forget
burying feelings of a tearful heart left behind
considering to achieve the feeling of grace
left to burden in wholeness of a sweet embrace

Stillness to regain all lost to downfall of such

in return with nothing more and nothing less forgiven
the waiting for its own to disappear
try as it may in the shadow of no fear

With clearer knowledge perceived in trust

the open heart breaks free from a past
to this too much of nothingness had faded
through holding together the expression shaded

The feelings from sorrows painful rest

in honoring our own nature in spite of
the love reached out accepting otherwise

of affectionate emotions searched with opened eyes

The expectations of life listened carefully

accepted in ambitions inspired to change
given in memories of thoughts for more
longing for words embraced to adore

To changes of each other were found to shelter

only touching the edges reign to life's content
eyes wide open living in confidence
the peace entered patiently with silence

Without Time

The summer is a desert,
between mountains lavish with joys of Spring and Fall.
I look across that bleak and lonely wasteland,
seeing no redemption at all.
I cannot think how I will cross without you,
to reach the golden hillsides of dreams.
I cannot imagine not to look too hard at what that means.
Time, the enemy of the timeless,
must compensate at those it bereaves.
Waiting until once more,
we can share the blaze of turning leaves.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Waves of Glory

Small waves, huge waves
thunderous in their sweep
Whether how strong, always there is a wave
No time is there, when there is none
every one different from the other
not a single one is divided
The wave lands on the beach
but it does not cease to be
Changing form, receding back
It does not get smaller
every time it hits the sand
the incoming waves reveals
the ocean's majesty
By then receding from within
it restores the ocean's glory


In gracious skies you won't find
Its whispering from within
Being the life you lead
Love reflects beauty you see
What kindness can you do
Knowing desires you can change
To be, you create your own
In pure content, you believe
Your humbled heart breathes
Break your silence and listen
What you find will heal noble pride
By chance you'll see what you might see
The facade becomes radiant.
It becomes you...
Be the Light


Always will I bask in your Sun of Suns
as your rays of purity breaks through my clouds.
Never will rain find its way into my world,
as long as you are there to push away
the storms that try to cease my soul.
Speechless am I not..
for your words become mine.
What molds that heart into something pure
I am so much more inside your arms.
Although when it cannot be..
I also cannot seem to have enough of you.
I take in every breath of you
as if I will never take a breath again.
The sweetness of your taste,
the softness of your golden skin.
Takes me to a realm of supreme ecstasy.

Captive Heart

shared by the same Moon
each night brings a bond
distance is a waste of time
no longer awaiting
the cage door opens
as the captive heart melts
surrendering its flame
to let it go and be
without condition expressed
no limitation to another
love with no ending
it goes on forever